Stockholm calling

I was in Sweden last week, indulging my passion for this amazing country. The land of Abba, Ikea, Volvo and Carola. If you have never been it is the most beautiful place, especially in the summer. This weekend was boiling hot, from morning to night in the land that never really gets dark in the summer.

There were number of reasons to be in Sweden - visiting friends, seeing live music (Chess in Concert at Dalhalla, Sarah Dawn Finer's acoustic tour premiere in Uppsalla) but a big reason to be there was to do a photoshoot with one of my favourite pop bands of all time, Alcazar.

Andreas and I briefly dated in 2013, but we are firm friends still and he was open to the idea of a backstage photoshoot. For me it was a fantastic experience, as I develop my skills in the personal photoshoot area. Understanding how internal lights affect your work is a big learning curve. The way that intense points of light like fluorescent lights can change the way you must set up a shot is tricky - I am after all used to unmoving structures like bridges that are in many ways MUCH easier to shoot. Though I am usually averse to it, I did use my flash a fair bit.

One of the most important elements when shooting actual people is to establish a rapport with the subject - you can't simply shoot and expect some kind of reaction. There must be a constant dialogue to get the most out of someone. I try to get to know my subjects better so that they relax with me, the images are more natural and not contrived. In my opinion the best images come from this method.

Blessed with some willing subjects though, I believe I have delivered a fantastic set of shots that the band can use for whatever purpose they desire. I have included a few here to show case as an example. Maybe this will lead to more work for them or others in future. I certainly think they look great, and as I speak Andreas has shared one on social media! Check out a selection of the images here