Featured in the press

It's always very exciting to see your work featured in the press, especially when it's highlighted with a name credit. But what should you do when your name is spelled wrong? I have been up against that particular demon all my life - Neal with an A can be a double edged sword (my brother is Marc with a C so I blame my parents.... ha).

One of my pics has been used by Swedish QX in an article about a live gig for Alcazar (click here) but they got my name wrong. I did the photos for free as it was a great chance to learn on the job so to speak, with people I know very well (I briefly dated Andreas from the band in 2013). So the pics have no commercial value to me, but to the band they are proving to be very useful. You only have to check out their twitter, instagram and Facebook to see that they are getting used. 

It's exciting but if people try to find me they will get the name wrong. Maybe I should just suck it up. It's great exposure either way! Long may the usage continue.