Photography lessons

I gave my second lesson today to my first photography student. I'm really pleased to see that she has progressed very well. The home work was to experiment with Aperture priority and Shutter priority to get a better understanding of how the camera worked, increase her knowledge about light and be more comfortable with using the camera.

The results were fantastic. Some great close up shots of bees on flowers and even some landscape work. Most impressively she had demonstrated a complete understanding of what she was doing, what she was trying to achieve and more importantly her frustration at not being in complete control of the camera.

Today's lesson centred on going to fully manual, giving her complete control over what she was doing (ok so we set the ISO to automatic for most of it, but let's not quibble).

We spent about 45 mins revisiting her homework since the first lesson, brushing up on theory and then we established what we wanted to do in this lesson - master use of manual settings. Off we went to a beautiful side street with lots going on to work on this. Being with someone who is truly interested in what she's learning about, happy for me to gently chastise her about how to hold the camera (think piano teacher rapping knuckles with a ruler!) was truly rewarding, for me and her. In anything in life if there is a two way flow of enjoyment then you're on to a winner.

By the end of the 2 hours, my student was so much more confident about what she needed to do, adjusting Aperture and Shutter speed depending on the circumstances to get what she wanted from the shot. I know I have given her courage and confidence to shoot more - practice makes perfect. 

Looking forward to lesson #3 in september, when she will have completed her next assignment.

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