The power of social media

Whilst sitting in Starbucks updating my website, blogging, uploading pictures and catching up with my photography work I was surrounded by lots of people making use of the free wifi, also working. 

I noticed the guy next to me, he worked for Bacardi. Not long after I got a new like for my page. The guy next to me had noticed my work.  

This is what he said:-  

"Hey Neal, sorry for the random like. I saw you in Starbucks earlier and thought I'd say hi! You seem very talented by the way, some great work you're doing!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day! 😊"

He made my day. And totally demonstrated that when you work for yourself you're ALWAYS at work, always on display. Thanks for the like Matthew! 

A new chapter

Welcome to the new version of my website.

As my photography grows and develops, I must adapt to the world around me. The demands of social media and social commerce are changing at an ever evolving pace. No longer do we sit and search our imagery on our laptops, we are ever increasingly a world wide community who consume media, be it music, video, books or simple browsing, via our mobiles.

My last website wasn't mobile responsive and it suffered for it - I needed something that my audience could use on the move, interact with in a more dynamic way. And here it is. I hope you like it. 

The aim is to showcase my work in a way that is more free flowing, easier to view and encourages people to come on this journey with me. During the last year I have moved on personally in a number of ways, the biggest one being geographical. I left London in November 2013 after 15 years, determined to build a new life - in Bristol. As soon as I had moved though ironically I found myself doing more photographic work in London! Sod's law.

I still have a base in London, and continue to work there - being in a different city means I actually get to see London with a newfound delight every time I visit. Something new to experience, a different angle to shoot or discover. I'm excited about the prospect of learning about Bristol from a photographer's perspective, but also of the continuing journey in my hometown.