Live Performance

 As a lover of live music, I go to see many artists who perform in a multitude of different venues. As in all photography, the amount of light available is so important, but live performance is often the hardest to capture, in often poorly lit venues. I try to capture the essence of the performer and the venue. It helps if I know the artiste too!

Sarah Dawn Finer at Orust

Sarah Dawn Finer at Orust

Sarah Dawn Finer

Sarah is a superstar in her homeland of Sweden, and I have been fortunate to be friends with her for the past 4 years. Her voice is like manna from heaven for me. She even managed to cover The Winner Takes It All and make it her own. Praise indeed. 

The shots here are from an intimate performance at Slussens Pensionat, Orust in summer 2015.

Adele at The Pheasantry

Adele at The Pheasantry

Adele Anderson

One third of the satirical comedy trio Fascinating Aida, Adele is one of the most extraordinary performers. Singing songs of Depression and Death, her vocal range is astonishing. A leading figure in the Trans Rights campaign.

Alcazar at Eskilstuna


The self titled Disco Defenders have been charming us with their disco music for 20 years now, and I am fortunate to be friends with them allowing access to them in ways others might now. A fantastic live band, this Swedish super group bid farewell this year - catch them on their farewell tour.