Another trip skiing over the christmas / new year period. Once again back to Val D'Isere. What a journey it was - we got caught in a massive dump of snow as we approached the Vanoise National Park, taking us 12.5 hours to do a 2 hour journey from Annecy to Val D'Isere via Bourg-Saint-Mauritz. Once we got there though the snow was amazing, the skiing wonderful and the views incredible - I hope I did it justice.

View from the top of the Glacier at Fornet, Val D'Isere

The view form the Top of the Solaise, across Val D'Isere down to the lake above Tignes Les Brevieres.

Evocative of ET and the chaser sequence, I captured the moon shining through the ski lifts as they stopped at the bottom of the Solaise. 

One of my new found passions is skiing - something I never thought I'd ever do, or be any good at. I have been fortunate to go twice in the past year, to Val D'Isere and Courchevel.

Courchevel Panorama

The ski slopes provide such an amazing place to shoot breathtaking photography - the blues are bluer, the whites are brilliant and the mountains simply awe inspiring in their beauty. 

Ski slope trees

With my love of night photography, I wanted to capture the life of the slopes at night, namely the piste-bashers that cling to the ski slopes long after the last skier has departed, making the slopes ready for the next day's adventure.

The Piste bashers came out at night